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Aesop x A.P.C. Post-Poo Drops

Poop. It's a part of life. And it typically doesn't smell very good. Help hide disagreeable bathroom odors with Aesop x A.P.C. Post-Poo Drops. This unexpected collaboration uses a citrus base with floral notes mixed in to neutralize offending smells. Drip three drops into the bowl post-flush for adequate coverage, and add a couple to the sink to make it smell even better.

  • Nebia Shower

    Showering is a vital part of your daily ritual, and yet most of us do it underneath something that isn't much different than a garden hose. Nebia will completely change the way you think about showering, and might even make it the highlight of your day. Developed with the same software used to study jet engines, Nebia delivers millions of droplets with 10 times more surface area than a regular shower — giving you a level of comfort and pleasure like you've never experienced. And that same process makes Nebia incredibly efficient as well, saving up to 70% of the water that you waste in the shower currently, while you're just as immersed, and are left feeling invigorated and clean. It also looks great and is easy to install, mounting on your bathroom wall via a height-adjustable bracket with an anodized aluminum finish, a head that rotates up to 45 degrees, and a handheld wand for full-body coverage.

    Presented by Nebia.

  • Vipp Daybed

    Known for their line of simple yet beautiful utilitarian items like trash cans and toothbrush holders, VIPP takes that same minimalist approach with this Daybed. Only 5% of all raw hides are good enough to make aniline leather, and the mattress is crafted using 100% aniline, made of untreated skin from the only the best raw hides. The mattress also has transverse and parallel stitching and sits on an aluminum frame with adjustable legs to customize height.