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Arcade Legends Street Fighter II

Arcade Legends Street Fighter II

If you remember dropping quarters into this arcade game, you're not alone. The dedicated Street Fighter II Champion Edition mini console ($50) comes with two of Sega's 6-button Genesis controllers and plugs directly into your TV. And if the groundbreaking Capcom fighting game wasn't enough, there's also a super challenging bonus game in the bundle — Ghouls and Ghosts. Both titles are based on Sega's Genesis conversions, not the arcade games, so they're just good enough to pass muster for the price.

  • Playboy Pinball Machine

    Get the best of both worlds (pinball and Playboy, are ya kidding?) with the snazzy Playboy Pinball Machine by Stern ($4,000). The game has all the pinball features you’d expect including multiball, ramps, drop targets, and lane changes — and it comes with interchangeable nude, semi-nude, and non-nude playfield inserts so you can keep your lady and your family happy but still “keep it real” when it’s just you and your friends.

  • Wireless Nintendo Controllers

    Let’s face it — having a classic NES system in your living room is, at this point, kind of like having a vintage record player — except that the record player doesn’t cause twelve feet of black cord to be strewn all over your floor. Now that problem can be alleviated with the Messiah 2.4 GHz Wireless Controller ($50). Plug it in, kick back, and show your appreciation for technology’s past in style — by beating the snot out of whoever you can find in a game of Tecmo Bowl.