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Atari Flashback 2

Atari Flashback 2

The Atari Flashback 2 ($30, available in August) features more than 40 classic games (hello, Asteroids!), prototypes of previously unreleased games, and games from top homebrew fans (weird dudes that kept making games long after we moved up to Nintendos). The follow-up to the awesome 7800-based Atari Flashback, the plug-and-play system is modeled after the retrolicious Atari 2600 console (hello, simulated wood grain!) and comes with two classic joysticks. We've never been happier.

  • X-Arcade Two Player Arcade Joystick

    So many of our youthful hours were wasted on arcade machines, we couldn't imagine having the same experience in our old age — but with the X-Arcade Two Player Arcade Joystick, we can count on just that. It features rock solid construction, authentic arcade joysticks and buttons, and your choice of a free console adapter — the joystick uses USB, but can connect to Xbox, Playstation 1&2, Gamecube, and Dreamcast. So download the MAME emulator, fire up some Galaga or an old school fighter, and get your game on like it's 1984.

  • Playboy Pinball Machine

    Get the best of both worlds (pinball and Playboy, are ya kidding?) with the snazzy Playboy Pinball Machine by Stern ($4,000). The game has all the pinball features you’d expect including multiball, ramps, drop targets, and lane changes — and it comes with interchangeable nude, semi-nude, and non-nude playfield inserts so you can keep your lady and your family happy but still “keep it real” when it’s just you and your friends.