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Beer Soap

Beer Soap

Ever wish you could just bathe yourself in your favorite lager? Well, this is sorta like that. Beer Soap ($5; $20/5-pack) is fine soap made using 100% beer as the liquid portion, with the rest made with a special recipe of olive oil, sunflower oil, unrefined shea and cocoa butters, and more. Available in many types of beer-specific varieties, these bars don't smell like beer, but instead offer just a hint of hoppy aroma as an additive to more complex aromas.

  • ZIRH Natural

    Get your skin in check the way nature intended with ZIRH Natural ($20-$48). ZIRH's new line of skin care products includes facial cleanser, under eye cream (for those late nights), shave cream, facial moisturizer, facial scrub, and anti-aging cream, for keeping that Cryptkeeper look at bay for at least a few more months. [Thanks, Mario]

  • Sigma Skin Abdominal Toning Cream

    You're not going to go from Homer to Harnett with this stuff, but it just might make your barely-there 6-pack, completely-there. Sigma Skin Abdominal Toning Cream ($56) is formulated to help prevent localized fat deposits, slightly reducing your love handles and waist size. According to Sigma Skin's studies, 86% of volunteers who used the body sculpting cream for a month saw abdominal reduction, with some reducing their waist size up to 1.8 inches.


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