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If Batman prefers the Beer Belt, what does Rambo wear? That's right, the Beerdolier ($15). This sling-style pack is made from sturdy nylon material and sports six neoprene beer holders, ensuring that your brews stay cold all day long.
[Thanks, Reed]

  • Tech Web Belt

    Leather isn't the first thing that comes to mind when you're talking about performance. For those looking for something a little better around their waist, Patagonia's Tech Web Belt ($26) will take care of things whether you're kayaking under blue skies or drinking under neon signs. Made of super-strong and quick-drying nylon webbing, the lightweight belt sports an aluminum buckle that doubles as a bottle opener. The Tech Web belt comes in five colors and can be fitted with a pair of scissors and a Bic lighter. [via]

  • Cheers Ring

    A $135 bottle opener might seem a little overpriced to you. Hell, a $135 ring might seem a little overpriced to you. But when you combine the two, all of a sudden it sounds like a terrific bargain, right? The Cheers Ring ($135), made of antiqued brass, features a great "Cheers" engraving and a handy cut-out bottle opener.