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Bernzomatic QuickFire Hand Torch

Bernzomatic QuickFire Hand Torch

Standing 40% shorter than standard torches and weighing a good bit less, the "don't call me short" Bernzomatic QuickFire Hand Torch ($70) lets you maneuver in tight spaces with easy one-hand operation. The QuickFire sports a high-intensity swirl flame for 30% faster soldering time. Also great for glazing and caramelizing your prized pork in the kitchen.

  • Black & Decker Lawncare Center

    While many of us are preparing to shut down our lawn care duties until next spring, those of you in warmer climates still have work to do, and it's never too late for the rest of us to start planning for next spring. The Black & Decker Lawncare Center ($200) is a great way to do so, featuring a wall-mounting 3-port charger and holder for the included electric blower, Grass Hog edger and trimmer, and Hedgehog hedge trimmer. Just add a lawnmower and you've got everything you need to maintain a fine-looking, homeowners association-conforming lawn.

  • Brook & Hunter Mo-Tool Axe

    We're quite used to seeing tons of tools crammed into a pocket knife-sized package, but it's not everyday you see the same thing done to an axe. The Brook & Hunter Mo-Tool Axe ($40) brings the handyman heat with a capable axe blade and hand-crafted red oak wood inlay handle, plus a hammer head, screwdrivers, knives, a can opener, wire cutter, file, pliers, and a wrench.