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Billykirk Overnight Travel Bag

Billykirk Overnight Travel Bag

Classic style never goes out of fashion, which is why we're liking the Billykirk Overnight Travel Bag ($345). Made from weather-repellent waxed cotton with 100% leather straps, two interior pockets, and an overhead-compartment friendly old-school design, it's the perfect bag for those quick weekend getaways.

  • Seattle Sling Dry Bag

    Going rafting? Are you a professional photographer? Perhaps you're a Seaman? If you answered yes to any two of these questions, then have a look at the Seattle Sling Dry Bag ($150). Featuring an ultra-padded, zipperless build that creates a watertight core, the Dry Bag will prevent your bits from being bashed or drowned. Given its price and versatility, this pack might just be a viable solution for anyone looking for an entry level, all-purpose, all-weather photo bag. [via]

  • Tumi T-Tech Hydro

    With a great blend of shiny style and rugged, go-anywhere waterproofing, the Tumi T-Tech Hydro Collection ($TBA) is the company's latest luggage innovation. Available in Backpack, Duffel, Sports Messenger, or Roll Top Messenger styles, each Hydro bag features a multi-layered, water-resistant fabric, heat-welded seams and inverted, watertight zippers, ensuring that whatever you're carrying — whether it be clothes or electronics — stays safe and dry during your commute.