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BlackRapid R-Strap Camera Straps

BlackRapid R-Strap Camera Straps

If you find yourself schlepping your dSLR nearly everywhere you go (like we do), do yourself a favor and pick up a BlackRapid R-Strap Camera Strap ($45-$50). Available in three styles with varying storage, each strap features a large pad, attaches to your camera or lens' tripod mount, and is slung diagonally across your body for maximum comfort.

  • Nikon D3x

    If the 12.3-megapixel sensor in Nikon's groundbreaking D3 simply isn't enough for you, take a gander at the new Nikon D3x ($8,000; December 2008). This 24.5-megapixel full frame beast offers a host of professional-quality features, including dual CF card slots, 5 fps shooting, Nikon's fantastic 51-point AF sensor, Active D-Lighting, up to 6400 ISO, shutter lag of just 0.04 seconds, and more. Remember to grab some extra storage while you're at it — you'll need it for those 138MB 14-bit files.

  • RED Modular Cameras

    Need EXTREME resolution? Then check out the new line of RED Modular Cameras ($2,500 - $55,000; 2009-2010). Designed to let you choose a "brain" ranging from 3K to 28K in resolution and then add modules to create the ideal setup for you, these cameras take both video and stills, with modules for Canon and Nikon lens mounts, 1080p monitoring, inputs/ouputs, remote control, and more. In case you were wondering about that 28K thing above, that's 261 Megapixels in camera-speak, 28000 x 9334, or resolution so intense that it requires caps and italics to properly convey the severity.