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Boomerang Wok

Boomerang Wok

No, you can't throw it and expect it to come back to you. Instead, the Boomerang Wok ($150) sports Teflon Platinum Plus non-stick coating and a unique cupped edge that allows overly-enthusiastic chefs to toss their stir-fry to their heart's content without getting partially-cooked food all over the stove, counters, floor, and — if you're particularly talented — walls.

  • Breville Pie Maker

    The holidays are coming up, which means its time to bust out your pie-making skills, and hours of baking. Or you could grab up a Breville Pie Maker ($80). This handy mini-appliance can cook up to four personal-sized pies in just eight minutes, with a ready light to let you know when it's time to cook, a locking latch and crimper seal to make sure the pies stay intact, and a non-stick interior for easy clean up. Great for sweet fruit pies, tangy vegetable mixes, or even quiches, but if we see you holding a straight razor and hawking blood red "meat pies," we're outta there.

  • Y-Grinder

    Take your cooking to the next level while simplifying your spice rack at the same time. The twin-chamber of the Y-Grinder ($30) allows you to dispense two seasonings from the same unit, saving you space, while its adjustable grinder allows you to go from coarse to fine grain with ease.


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