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Brooklyn Gin

Brooklyn Gin

While the larger spirit companies are busy inventing new flavors, plenty of smaller shops are busy resurrecting classic recipes in small batches. Take Brooklyn Gin ($40) for example. Created at Warwick Valley Winery & Distillery — New York's first licensed distillery since Prohibition — this crisp, smooth gin is the first Brooklyn Distilling Company product in over 100 years, and is made using hand-cracked juniper berries, freshly-cut citrus peels, and other locally-sourced ingredients that give it its simple, satisfying flavor.

  • Tub Gin

    Supposedly brewed in a tub until the owners shot a hole in the side, Tub Gin ($33) comes with an interesting backstory that belies its refined taste. Infused with several different kinds of hand-picked Colorado Juniper berries, Tub also offers notes of coriander, citrus peel, oris root, and other botanicals, and is craft-distilled in small batches to best capture the flavor of the makers' original tub-brewed hooch.


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