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We've all burnt our tongue drinking coffee that was too hot. Unfortunately, it seems that coffee is meant to be drank between 170-150 degrees, while it is best brewed at 205 degrees — leaving you waiting, blowing, or dumping ice in trying to cool it down. With Brugo ($20), there is no waiting thanks to a neat chamber that cools each sip as you are ready for it, leaving the rest of your joe in the thermos, keeping it warmer longer, and letting you enjoy your coffee at the right temperature. [Thanks, Steve]

  • Zero Halliburton DJ Case

    When most people think of a DJ case, they think of a huge case full of CDs or vinyl albums. The Zero Halliburton DJ Case ($600) is made for the modern DJ, with accommodations for a MacBook or 15" MacBook Pro, a shock-absorbent, gel-padded interior, additional pouches, a fold-down divider for better organization, and wheels and a retractable handle. Of course, this is a Halliburton, so you also get an aerospace-grade aluminum shell and the reassurance that your gear inside will make it from gig to gig safely.

  • Burton Wheelie Double Deck

    On our last vacation, we all had one thing to say: "Boy, are we sick of our black luggage." The Burton Wheelie Double Deck ($170) is a colorful and surprisingly affordable replacement for your drab black luggage. Featuring a double deck design, the bag has a 70 liter capacity and features extra niceties like a zippered compartment for travel documents, a shoe pocket, a hideaway eternal backpack attachment, a removable laundry bag, and a wheel assembly that uses skate wheels. Available in four colors — including the dreaded black — we're really digging the houndstooth design of the Equestrian Antique Ivory color, which is sure to be noticeable on your next trip.