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Burglar Blaster

Burglar Blaster

Worried about thieves raiding your home while you're on vacation, at work, or just passed out in the backyard? Then booby trap your house, Kevin McCallister-style, with the Burglar Blaster ($600). This self-contained unit uses a passive infrared intruder detection system to monitor areas up to 2,000 square feet, and releases an eye-destroying 4 oz. of pepper spray when triggered. It offers an adjustable entry time delay, a cast aluminum/alloy case, can run for years on a single set of C batteries, and will only help reaffirm your crippling paranoia.

  • Old Barn Reclaimed Wood Co.

    Nothing adds a sense of history and warmth to a home quite like aged wood, and the Old Barn Reclaimed Wood Co. is a fine place to acquire some. Apart from the eco-friendliness of re-using materials, Old Barn also goes out of its way to find high-quality, unique reclaimed wood, which it uses to make flooring, beams, paneling, and furniture, all of which is sold alongside straight reclaimed lumber and barn wood. Perfect for restoring an classic home or adding a unique touch to a modern living space.

  • Chillchaser Poseidon Patio Heater

    We have no idea what Poseidon — of Greek mythology and "I'm On A Boat" fame — has to do with patio heaters, but the Chillchaser Poseidon Patio Heater (£850; $1,400) is neat enough that we'll overlook the odd nautical reference. Boasting a weatherproof, all-metal design, the Poseidon features a built-in media player with USB port, auxiliary input, hi-res LCD, and stereo speakers, a PIR infrared sensor to turn itself on and off automatically based on nearby movement, Far Infrared carbon fibre heating elements good for 8,000 hours of use, a full function remote, and more.