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Carbon Fiber Airstream Duffle Bag

We've seen carbon fiber used in a myriad of different products over the years, but this might be the first time we've seen it employed in a flexible piece of luggage. The Carbon Fiber Airstream Duffle Bag ($285) is made from waterproof carbon fiber sailcloth, giving it a glossy, textured look, that's complemented by three gusseted zippered pockets, a lockable, wide mouth dual zipper main opening, an adjustable, removable shoulder strap, and a padded handle wrap. You won't have any trouble finding this one at the baggage claim, but you might make the guy rocking the gold-plated Samsonite a little jealous.

  • Coach Transatlantic Carry-On

    Globe trot in style with the Coach Transatlantic Carry-On ($650). Made from premium glove-tanned leather that will gain patina and character with age, this well heeled bag features two inner pockets and one outer pocket, fabric lining on the interior, a zip-tip closure, sturdy leather double handles, an adjustable, removable shoulder strap, and polished nickel-finished hardware. Warning for iPad/iPhone users: Coach's whole damn site is in Flash, so if you're on one of Apple's iDevices, don't even bother clicking through.

  • Lexdray Classified Collection

    If Uncrate had its own line of bags, this would be it. Whether you need something as small as a dop kit or as large as a hiking pack, you can find it in the Lexdray Classified Collection ($TBA; Sept.). Made from high-quality, weather-resistant materials like 1680D nylon, neoprene, and leather, and sporting military-grade hardware, buckles, and zippers, this unique line of bags prides itself on looking understated but packing more pockets than most know what to do with. Add in features like false bottoms and hidden compartments, and you'll see why they're great for wannabe spies and drug runners alike.