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Three things can stop you from getting the shot. 1) Not having your camera with you because it's too bulky. 2) Having a camera that's super slow to start up. 3) Having sausage fingers and/or bad picture taking skills. The Casio EXILIM EX-FC100 ($400) will fix all of those. The compact 9.1-megapixel shooter features a high-speed 30 shot-per-second burst rate (faster than an SLR camera) and takes high-speed movies at a maximum of 1000 fps. That means it's taking pictures before you hit the shutter button, and that you're going to have some crazy slow-mo videos to show off.

  • BlackRapid R-Strap Camera Straps

    If you find yourself schlepping your dSLR nearly everywhere you go (like we do), do yourself a favor and pick up a BlackRapid R-Strap Camera Strap ($45-$50). Available in three styles with varying storage, each strap features a large pad, attaches to your camera or lens' tripod mount, and is slung diagonally across your body for maximum comfort.

  • Super Secret Spy Lens

    As you probably already know, it's incredibly hard to get candid shots of those around you when they know the camera is being pointed in their direction — and people seem to have an innate ability to sense this. The Super Secret Spy Lens ($50) solves this problem by using a precision mirror and a cut-out in the side to let you point away from your subject, bringing down their defenses and improving the odds you'll get a terrific photograph. For great, candid holiday photos, it's the perfect addition to your camera bag. Also great for weekend P.I. and espionage work.