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Charcoal Water Pitcher

Charcoal Water Pitcher

Tired of dealing with chintzy pitchers or the hassle of tiny plastic filter replacements? Check out the Charcoal Water Pitcher ($85). Made from high-quality glass and stainless steel, this unique pitcher uses Iouseki stones and Binchotan charcoal — an eco-friendly mix that lasts up to six months — to filter and deodorize, leaving you with crisp, fresh, mineral-rich water.

  • Mypressi TWIST

    When most people think of espresso, they think of large, hulking machines bolted to marble countertops. But it doesn't have to be this way. The new mypressi TWIST ($129) is an elegant, compact, and completely portable espresso machine, offering up intense, caffeinated goodness from any location. Powered by standard gas cartridges, the TWIST can use either your favorite ground coffee or any ESE pod to create the perfect expresso shot time after time. Now you'll be able to satiate your caffeine addiction anywhere you go, without the nuisance of batteries or power cables. [Thanks, Jerry]

  • Waring Super Mixer II

    Make those Oreo Blizzards at home with the Waring Super Mixer II ($630). This counter-mounted, commercial grade mixer makes thick and tasty ice cream concoctions, and features stainless steel construction, a heavy-duty 1.2 HP motor with variable speed control, and a splash guard that moves up and down with the cup. Don't forget your Scoop ($5-$7), Malt Mixing Cup ($7), Candy Toppings ($65/ 10 lb box).


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