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Converse Camo All Star

Converse Camo All Star

Converse’s Chuck Taylors have been associated with “cool” since their debut in 1917, when they were known simply as the All Star — the Chuck Taylor on the ankle patch wasn’t added until 1923. The latest version to catch our eyes is the Camo All Star ($45). The classic cotton canvas uppers and rubber soles keep your feet comfy, while the camo print keeps you looking great — whether you wear them with jeans or cargos.

  • New Balance 991

    Some people buy shoes because their favorite sports star (i.e. Michael Jordan) wears them. We here at Uncrate are a little more geeky than that. We buy our sneakers, the New Balance 991, because our favorite chief executive officer wore them — late Apple and Pixar boss Steve Jobs. If they were good enough for the creator of the iPhone, they're surely good enough for us.