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F-1 Jet Fresh Kit

F-1 Jet Fresh Kit

While stocking up on some gear at Flight 001 for an upcoming trip to San Fran, we came across this cool little collection of in-flight essentials. The F-1 Jet Fresh Kit ($55) includes earplugs, F-1 Dental Kit, Jao lip balm, Neal Yard Travel, F-1 eye shade, In-Flight Valet, F-1 moist towelettes, Dylan's Candy breath mints, Jao moisturizer, pen and deck of cards. It all comes in a compact microfiber case with hanging hook.

  • Pecon Pill Case

    Not all of us go through life without health issues — and even if you don’t have any prescription pills to take, taking vitamins regularly is a good idea. So when you travel, instead of dragging five pill bottles with you just take this — the Pecon Pill case by Shin-ichi Sumikawa ($18). Its soft and lightweight body opens and closes with a “click” — the meaning of “Pecon” in Japanese — and its cap inverts to become a dish when open, so you’re not dumping pills out into your hand to find the right one.

  • Victorinox Automatic Umbrella

    Rain can be very, very sexy, but being soaked in rain when picking up a date is not. When the elements attack, you can count on the Victorinox Automatic Umbrella ($35). It features a durable wind reflex frame, poly-pongee fabric with water repellent outer coating, three-stage automatic action, and a pretty sweet carrying case. Just remember to use it, lest you end up looking like a wet dog.