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Felix Gray Computer Glasses

Staring at a computer screen all day is bad for your eyes. Unfortunately, many of us don't have a choice. Felix Gray Computer Glasses can help you make the best of the situation. They combat eyestrain on multiple fronts, with slight magnification that reduces the load on your ciliary muscle, a glare reduction coating, and a filter that keeps out the most damaging wavelengths of blue light. Available in multiple frame sizes and styles to match any face shape, size, and personal style.

  • Frameri Interchangeable Eyewear

    One of the things that makes eyewear so tricky is finding a frame that matches not just your face, but your style. Frameri Interchangeable Eyewear makes this a little easier by allowing you to switch frames as easily as you change shoes. Designed in Cincinnati and crafted by hand in Italy from adjustable acetate, each frame has its own unique style, yet shares a common shape and size with other frames in the collection. This lets you swap lenses — whether they be prescription or just regular sunblockers — between them with ease, or use two different sets of lenses with the same frame. Available in a wide variety of styles, shapes, and sizes, you're sure to find a few that match your personal preferences.

  • Electric Stacker Sunglasses

    The best products are built to solve a problem. And that's exactly how the Electric Stacker Sunglasses became a reality. The problem was finding a pair of sunglasses that not only look good, but are equipped to handle any outdoor adventure you encounter. Each pair starts with a stylish aviator frame that's tough, lightweight and durable. The lens is polarized, impact-resistant, and prepared to resist water, dirt, and just about any other gunk you might encounter on a bike trail. They'll also stay attached to your face throughout thanks to an anti-slip nose and ear grips that are hidden into the frame. And after a long day on the trails or slopes, just remove the eye mask and these bad boys quickly become your everyday sunglasses.