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Incase Eo Travel Collection

If you've ever wanted to have your luggage match your iPhone case, now's your chance. The Incase Eo Travel Collection ($150-$300) brings the company's clean, minimal aesthetic to the world of luggage, with a lineup that includes a hardshell roller with glossy front, a standard roller, a rolling briefcase, a backpack, and a duffel bag. All five options are carry-on compliant, and feature padded compartments for Apple devices, organizer pockets for chargers, cables, and other small items, and a black exterior with neon green accents.

  • Crumpled City Maps

    To hell with folding. If you're not feeling up to using Maps on your smartphone or tablet — or just don't want to ring up a huge international data bill — then consider packing one of these Crumpled City Maps ($15) on your next trip. Made from some sort of special technological material, these full-color maps can be opened and closed in just two seconds, provide details about streets, monuments, museums, and more, weigh only 21 grams, are 100% waterproof, and cram nicely into their included carrying pouches when you're tired of looking like a tourist.

  • Book Bandolier

    No, this isn't a Rambo-style sling for paperbacks. The Book Bandolier ($26) is instead an adjustable leather strap that offers six loops for holding pens, pencils, and brushes, and is designed to wrap around a stack of drawing/notebooks, allowing you to travel as lightly as possible while keeping the tools you need nearby.