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Jack Spade Tarpaulin Dry Dopp Kit

Fancy it's not, but the Jack Spade Tarpaulin Dry Dopp Kit ($95) is a sure-fire way to transport your sundry items in style. It's made from unlined, waterproof industrial grade tarpaulin, and offers an internal zippered pocket, aqua seal zippers, and custom die cast hardware, along with a kickin' orange body that's super easy to spot in a larger suitcase or bag. Goes great with hunting attire, as well.

Our thanks to Gillette for underwriting this month's travel grooming articles.

  • Spacepak

    No matter how many frequent flyer miles you've racked up, we can all use some help maximizing the space inside our luggage. Spacepak ($30-$98) accessories help you do exactly that. The system of bags — available for clothes, underwear, shoes, suits, and more — allows garments to undergo double compression, virtually doubling the usable space inside your carry-on.

  • Duluth AWOL Bag

    Inspired by the classic military duffel bags referred to the servicemen of the day as "AWOL bags", the Duluth AWOL Bag ($200) is a modern take on the rugged weekender. It's made from oiled, full-grade cowhide, with a patina that only gets better the longer you have it — at least, according to Uncrate reader Brendan Ruane — and also features carry-on friendly dimensions, brass hardware and a YKK nylon zipper, cloth lining, and a single inner document pocket that's perfect for stashing your passport, cash, and other small travel essentials.