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James Bond Stealth Camera

James Bond Stealth Camera

Be a true spy with this ultra tiny digital camera that hides out in a Zippo-style metal case. Straight from Q's laboratory, the James Bond Stealth Camera ($80) takes up to 150 pictures at 640 x 480 size, record video up to 30 seconds long, or record up to 12 minutes of audio. The gadget also has a "James Bond 19 day surveillance mode" that automatically
take photos at preset time intervals —
for up to 19 days.

  • Leica Digilux 2

    Love the creative possibilities provided by digital photography, but just can’t bear to part with the feel of your old rangefinder? Check out the Leica Digilux 2 ($1100). It features 5 megapixels of imaging power, a 2.5” LCD screen, a shutter speed dial, and focus and aperture dials right on the lens. With the Digilux 2, your stubborn “I won’t use digital” photographer friends may not even realize you’ve made the jump.

  • Nikon D50

    When you want to take real photos — not pictures of the latest family birthday party, but images you would hang on your wall — point-and-shoot cameras just don’t cut it. The D50 from Nikon ($540, available early July) is a little powerhouse of a digital SLR, learning some tricks from its bigger sibling (2-inch screen, Nikkor lens compatability, 5-area autofocus system) and adding a couple of its own, such as SD card compatability, and the ability to let you sneak into pro sporting events by posing as a press photographer.