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J.Fold Toiletry Kit

J.Fold Toiletry Kit

Considering it's full of gels, creams and other liquids, shouldn't your toiletry bag be as rugged as the rest of your luggage? The J.Fold Toiletry Kit ($74) fits the bill, with a waxed cotton outer that repels water, an external zippered pocket, and an unfolding design that lets it function as a hanging organizer for bottles, brushes, and the rest of your grooming necessities.

  • Zuca Pro Suitcase

    The Zuca Pro ($285) is so revolutionary, it's hard to call it a suitcase. Built within a lightweight anodized aluminum exoskeleton, the Zuca Pro packs in every feature a hardcore traveller could want. The overhead-friendly bag features a built-in seat (rated to support 300 pounds), a 41-inch telescoping handle, 4-inch polyurethane wheels (some of the smoothest and most silent we've ever tested), and uses 5 drawer-like, color-coded packing pouches that keep you organized and fitting more than ever before. The Zuca Pro also comes with a TSA-approved toiletry bag, a removable water resistant insert bag, and a ballistic nylon travel cover.

  • Seattle Sling Dry Bag

    Going rafting? Are you a professional photographer? Perhaps you're a Seaman? If you answered yes to any two of these questions, then have a look at the Seattle Sling Dry Bag ($150). Featuring an ultra-padded, zipperless build that creates a watertight core, the Dry Bag will prevent your bits from being bashed or drowned. Given its price and versatility, this pack might just be a viable solution for anyone looking for an entry level, all-purpose, all-weather photo bag. [via]