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Joey Roth Ceramic Speakers

Resting squarely in the realm of the ridiculous and yet too sexy to ignore, Joey Roth Ceramic Speakers ($500) ooze style with the same ease with which they produce sound. The white glazed ceramic speaker cones rest atop simple, understated Baltic birch plywood stands, and connect to a delightfully industrial stainless steel sheet metal amplifier, which sits atop a black cast iron base. Perfect for pairing with an aluminum laptop, iMac, or similarly minimal turntable.

  • Denon S-5BD Blu-ray Player/Receiver

    In need of a Blu-ray player and receiver, and don't want to buy an extra box *cough* PS3 *cough* to get both? The Denon S-5BD Blu-ray Player/Receiver ($1,800) has you covered. This new all-in-one boasts a number of high-end features, including three HDMI inputs and one output, all HDMI 1.4 compliant, 1080p/24p video output, DVD video scaling up to 1080p, SD card and iPod-ready USB inputs, built-in 5.1-channel surround sound with Dolby TrueHD/ DTS-HD Master 7.1-channel support via preouts, Denon's AL24 audio processing for enhanced audio performance, an Ethernet jack for BD-Live functionality, and much more, all encased in a sleek black body that will look great in any TV cabinet.

  • Klipsch LightSpeaker

    If you have a thirst for audio in an area of your home where your partner might not be so thrilled having visible speakers, investigate the Klipsch LightSpeaker ($600). Designed to go into 5- and 6-inch recessed lighting fixtures, the LightSpeaker also offers 20 watts of power per full-range speaker, an integrated LED bulb good for 40,000 hours of use, and a wireless remote and transmitter for controlling the system. Perhaps the best part, though, is the ultra-simple 10-step installation process that you can do yourself.


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