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Kodak Zx1

Kodak Zx1

The successor to the Flip-killing Kodak Zi6, this pocket-friendly, weather-resistant camera captures 720p HD video (at 60 or 30 fps) and has easy editing and YouTube uploading. The Kodak Zx1 ($150; April) sports an SD/SDHC slot for memory cards up to 32GB, an onboard HDMI connection, and a 2-inch LCD screen. The Zx1 will be available in five colors.

  • Takaratomy Xiao Instant Digital Camera

    Combining the convenience of digital with the instant gratification of an old Polaroid, the Takaratomy Xiao Instant Digital Camera ($500) gives you the best of both worlds. This 5-megapixel shooter boasts an integrated Zink printer, and the built-in software lets you add borders, frames, and other effects on the fly. But trust us — the first time you see a picture emerging from the bottom of your camera, none of that will matter.

  • Nikon D3x

    If the 12.3-megapixel sensor in Nikon's groundbreaking D3 simply isn't enough for you, take a gander at the new Nikon D3x ($8,000; December 2008). This 24.5-megapixel full frame beast offers a host of professional-quality features, including dual CF card slots, 5 fps shooting, Nikon's fantastic 51-point AF sensor, Active D-Lighting, up to 6400 ISO, shutter lag of just 0.04 seconds, and more. Remember to grab some extra storage while you're at it — you'll need it for those 138MB 14-bit files.