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Mac Mini Lunchbox

Mac Mini Lunchbox

While Apple's Mac Mini didn't receive a TiVo-like update at Macworld Expo as widely expected, the tiny computer is still a great value and is super easy to fill up with your media and take with you. STM's Mac Mini Lunchbox ($48) is a minimalistic bag to protect and transport the Mac Mini and its power supply and necessary cables.

  • DreamSacks Silk Travel Pillow

    We realized earlier this month while flying somewhere between Ohio and Texas that using a hoodie as a makeshift pillow is not cool. This luxurious Silk Travel Pillow from DreamSacks ($44) might be a little pricey for a pint-sized cushion, but if you spend a lot of time in the air (or on trains) you'll definitely be glad you invested in it.

  • Samsonite Black Label Garment Bag

    A couple of us are heading to Vegas next week to gamble, drink and do other things surely to make the news when we run for office in 2009. While getting ready for the trip, we realized our luggage consisted of three lame pieces bought from Sears sometime when Full House was popular. We did a quick search and found Samsonite's Black Label collection. Our favorite is the Deluxe Garment Bag ($550), which will fit a couple suits, shirts,
    casual gear, a pair of shoes and more. It
    sports sleek black and red leather details
    and a removable toiletry bag.