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Marmol Radziner Model 5 Home

Marmol Radziner Model 5 Home

To a lot of people, "prefab home" is a dirty, dirty phrase — but architectural firm Marmol Radziner is trying to change that. Their well designed, modern Model 5 Home ($465,700) features 1960 square feet of floorspace, three bedrooms and three baths, and a spacious 670 square feet of deck. As for quality, the home is built with the best materials and appliances, including names such as Sub Zero and Bosch in the kitchen.

  • StoreMore Mailbox

    With one of these, you won't have to bother a neighbor to get your mail the next time you decide to take a last minute vacation. The MailMaster StoreMore Mailbox ($100) converts to store up to two weeks of mail, including small packages. It features a locking door that swings open to retrieve mail, and comes with 2 keys, address numbers, post cover and mounting hardware.

  • POP Panels

    There are lots of ways to cover the surfaces of your walls and ceilings in your home. Paint, wallpaper, artwork — but we’ve seen none quite as unique as POP Panels from HighTower ($624-$1280). The three-dimensional form-pressed plywood coverings come in two sizes and four different colors, so you don’t have to fall prey to that awful country themed wallpaper and border the missus suggested.