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Messenger Bag Director's Chair

Messenger Bag Director's Chair

When is a bag not a bag? When it's a chair. The Messenger Bag Director's Chair ($130) features telescoping legs and a folding backrest that allow it to fold to less than 4" thick in seconds, a rugged aluminum and steel frame and 600-denier nylon mesh seat that let it support up to 250 lbs., and an integrated cup holder and two pockets in the armrests. When folded, the chair looks like a normal messenger bag, with a padded strap for easy portability. [Thanks, Eric]

  • Jack Spade Waxwear Travel Kit

    Get your bathroom gear to your destination perfectly organized with the Jack Spade Waxwear Travel Kit ($145). This unassuming bag features a waxwear outer which provides strength and abrasion resistance, a hidden snap closure, two exterior pockets, an inner zippered pocket, interior organizing pockets, and an adjustable shoulder strap.

  • Zuca Pro Suitcase

    The Zuca Pro ($285) is so revolutionary, it's hard to call it a suitcase. Built within a lightweight anodized aluminum exoskeleton, the Zuca Pro packs in every feature a hardcore traveller could want. The overhead-friendly bag features a built-in seat (rated to support 300 pounds), a 41-inch telescoping handle, 4-inch polyurethane wheels (some of the smoothest and most silent we've ever tested), and uses 5 drawer-like, color-coded packing pouches that keep you organized and fitting more than ever before. The Zuca Pro also comes with a TSA-approved toiletry bag, a removable water resistant insert bag, and a ballistic nylon travel cover.