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Monster Laptop Sleeve

Monster Laptop Sleeve

While standard laptop cases are nice-looking and generally protective of your computer, they are, unfortunately, easy to spot — for you, and for thieves. With this in mind we checked out the whimsical Monster Laptop Sleeve ($65). Handmade and available in four different colors, the case reminds us of a fanged cousin of cookie monster. Plus, it looks more like something that would hold a Fisher-Price computer, as opposed to a Sony or Apple — keeping would-be thieves guessing. [via]

  • Victorinox Swiss Army Tracking ID Tag

    Never again lose a bag full of smuggled absinthe with the Victorinox Swiss Army Tracking ID Tag ($15). The rugged luggage tag uses Victorinox's lifetime global bag tracking program, which will reunite you with your lost bag anywhere in the world for free. The tracking system consists of a unique 8-digit tracking ID number on the tag and a 24-hour a day, 365 days a year number that a finder calls to report the whereabouts of your bag. Assuming you've registered with the company using your ID number, Victorinox will call you and arrange delivery of your bag to you. Oh, and have fun explaining the contents of your bag should they open it and find your stash.

  • Hideo Camo 25' Travel Case

    Amidst the endless sea of black luggage, you'll be sure to find this easily at the baggage claim. The Hideo Camo 25' Travel Case ($340) features a camo print, as well as 4 soft wheels that allow for silent pulling as well as tilt pull. The ABS shell and magnetic locks will keep everything secure, and who knows — you might even find some new friends when you land, thanks to your cool luggage. Maybe.