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Muji CD Player

Muji CD Player

Many of our favorite childhood toys relied on a pull-string start, which might explain why we're digging the Muji Wall-Mounted CD Player ($180). This compact all-in-one faces the CD outward making for an intriguing display, and also packs speakers into its body, with volume and playback controls mounted on top, and, of course, a pull-string power control. For a better idea of what we're talking about, just watch it in action. [Thanks, Stefan]

  • AUX Classic Speaker System

    This audiophile-worthy 2.1 speaker system is pricey, but it has the performance to back it up. To put it another way, your Bose SoundDock is a Honda, and the AUX Classic is a Ferrari. Made in Italy by concert sound experts Outline, the system features a unique, transforming case that lets you position the speakers in a number of ways. In our month of testing, we couldn't believe how lively and easy to listen to the compact system was. The AUX is easily the best speaker system of this size we've ever heard. The system uses no sound trickery, naturally reproducing essential frequencies (from just below 30hz to just over 18khz) thanks to its built-in 400 watt amp and solid wood bass reflex design. The speakers are also completely self powered, so they're a great partner for your AirPort Express or Sonos setup. The AUX classic is available in Competition Red ($2,250), Piano Black ($1,500; shown), Alpine White ($1,500), Leather ($3,000) and, our favorite, Stage Black ($1,300).

  • Sony BDV-E300 Blu-ray Disc Home Theater System

    Sony ups the home-theater-in-a-box ante with the BDV-E300 Blu-ray Disc Home Theater System ($600; June 2009). Featuring 5.1-channel surround sound, S-AIR wireless audio capabilities, Digital Media Port suppport, Sony's XMB interface, advanced 7.1-channel audio codec support, and more, it's the perfect complement to your new Bravia.