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Neoporte Stainless Steel Doors

Neoporte Stainless Steel Doors

Have you ever crashed an upscale party in an ultra modern apartment or seen an amazing home in a movie, and wondered where in the heck a normal human could purchase such things for their place? Well, we recently came across a great supplier for probably the most important aspect of any contemporary home — the front door. Neoporte's collection of Stainless Steel Doors (starting at $5,000) come in numerous styles and are built to order — up to a ginormous 4 ft x 10 ft. Our favorite is the Visteon, shown above with two sidelites. The doors come completely ready to install with a custom door frame, stainless steel lever, concealed bearing hinges, and cool door key. Get one of these bad boys and people walking by your place will be in awe — and they'll never know you only have Ikea on the inside.

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