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No Cooties Travel Spray

No Cooties Travel Spray

One of the worst things about airline travel is the enclosed area which makes it nearly impossible to escape other passenger's germs. No Cooties Travel Spray ($28/4 pack) is made to combat that problem with a blend of essential oils and anti-bacterial properties, and it's effective in fighting airborne microorganisms. The next time you fly, take some of this, and travel more safely.

  • Travel Bar Set

    The holidays are always a festive time, but sometimes it's necessary to bring a little of the "festivity" with you. The Travel Bar Set ($120) comes with two martini glasses, a stainless shaker, jigger, tongs, strainer, a martini spray bottle, two cotton napkins, and a stainless combo fork/stirrer, all inside a convenient, portable cocktail case. These simple instructions sum it all up: Just add liquor.

  • Brugo

    We've all burnt our tongue drinking coffee that was too hot. Unfortunately, it seems that coffee is meant to be drank between 170-150 degrees, while it is best brewed at 205 degrees — leaving you waiting, blowing, or dumping ice in trying to cool it down. With Brugo ($20), there is no waiting thanks to a neat chamber that cools each sip as you are ready for it, leaving the rest of your joe in the thermos, keeping it warmer longer, and letting you enjoy your coffee at the right temperature. [Thanks, Steve]