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Old Spice Fresh Collection

The new Old Spice Fresh Collection ($5) at first seems a bit odd (who really wants to smell like "well-known lands" from across the globe?), but these subtle-scented antiperspirant/deodorants are indeed worthy of their worldliness. The destination-inspired, light-yet-manly scents include (in our rank of freshershist to fresh): Matterhorn ("smells like ice, wind & freedom"), Denali ("smells like wilderness, open air & freedom"), Cyprus ("smells like limes, an ocean breeze & freedom"), and Fiji ("smells like palm trees, sunshine & freedom"). Do your armpits a favor and introduce them to the world.

  • Rosebud Salve

    Care for your dry lips, skin, and the occasional burn with Rosebud Salve ($6). Made from cotton seed oil, aromol, and essential oils blended into a special petroleum base, this reddish salve helps sooth dry lips, can condition and moisturize dry, cracking elbows and knees, and as an added bonus also doubles — or is that triples? — as a diaper rash remedy.

  • Moustache Bandages

    Even the most sedentary and careful get the occasional nick or cut, so why not make the most of it with these Moustache Bandages ($7). Made from a mix of vinyl and latex, this tin of 25 bandages features a moustache graphic atop each and every one, making for some awesome wound dressings.


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