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Panasonic Pro Twin-Lens 3D Camera

Shoot your own interplanetary human-like Smurf epic with the Panasonic Pro Twin-Lens 3D Camera (approx. $20,000). Capable of 30fps, 1080p 3D recording, the Pro Twin uses the AVCHD Pro video format, recorded in sync onto two SDHC memory cards, with other features like automatic left-eye/right-eye image deviation correction, a weight of roughly 6 lbs., a 3.2-inch side-mounted LCD, HDMI 1.4 and HD-SDI outputs, a built-in stereo microphone, an XLR audio input, a remote terminal, and an auto record function for control of an external recorder. Okay, so you might not have the effects budget for a CGI-filled extravaganza, but at least your kid's tee-ball games will look better than ever.

  • Pentax Optio H90

    It might not have the most impressive spec sheet in the world, but there's little denying the Pentax Optio H90 ($150) is a great-looking pocket cam. Packing a 12.1 megapixel sensor and a 5x optical zoom lens, the H90 has the tools to take above-average pics, while the 2.7-inch LCD makes it easy to confirm proper exposure, and the 720p HD video recording lets you leave your Flip at home. Take your pick from silver, matte black, or ceramic white.
    [Thanks, Shawn]

  • Cloak Bag

    Never miss another shot because your camera was in the bag. The Cloak Bag ($50) is hailed as the "world's first shoot-through camera bag," and features a unique design that includes a custom camera strap, zip-open front, rear, and sides for access to the lens, screen, and zoom/manual focus controls, and a side slit to allow for access to the shutter button and control wheels. Great for keeping dust out of your camera, offering protection from bumps and drops, and for hiding the fact that you have a camera when necessary — such as shooting in North Korea.