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Pecon Pill Case

Pecon Pill Case

Not all of us go through life without health issues — and even if you don’t have any prescription pills to take, taking vitamins regularly is a good idea. So when you travel, instead of dragging five pill bottles with you just take this — the Pecon Pill case by Shin-ichi Sumikawa ($18). Its soft and lightweight body opens and closes with a “click” — the meaning of “Pecon” in Japanese — and its cap inverts to become a dish when open, so you’re not dumping pills out into your hand to find the right one.

  • TranStrap

    For those of you lucky folks that live in a city with a reasonable mass transit system — and no, buses don’t count — you know how nasty those subway bars can get. With the TranStrap ($17) you can worry no more. Its makeup of heavy nylon webbing, aircraft grade aluminum, and high-friction neoprene will keep you secure, and the germs from the “less desirable” passengers far from your hands.
    [via Gizmodo]

  • TravelSafe

    If you're ever on an international adventure and find that the establishment you're staying at lacks an in-room safe, you're going to wish you had one of these. The TravelSafe from PacSafe ($40) is a tough bag reinforced with slash-proof stainless steel wire that's perfect for securing your gadgets while exploring the town. It has a draw wire and padlock so you can lock the entire bag to a fixed object so the "helpful" hotel workers can't "sort" your valuables.