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Pentax K-5 Silver Edition Camera

Tired of boring old black DSLRs? Take a gander at the Pentax K-5 Silver Edition Camera ($1,700). This limited edition shooter features an elegant silver finish on the mode dial, control buttons, and levers, an exclusive, thicker grip, shock-resistant, scratchproof reinforced glass over the LCD and status panel, a weather-resistant body, a 16.3 megapixel CMOS sensor, 7 frames-per-second shooting, and 1080p video recording. For full effect, plan on picking up on of the matching DA limited edition lenses — unless you've owned a Pentax before, you're going to need them.

  • Camera Armor

    We're among the first to protect our $200 smartphones with colorful, protective cases, so why not do the same for our $1,000+ cameras? Camera Armor ($40) is a rugged, lightweight silicone skin for your Canon or Nikon DSLR, precisely engineered to fit your camera like a glove, and sporting cutouts in all the right places to allow for full control of your camera while it's protected. Thankfully not available in any color other than black.

  • Polaroid Grey Label Devices

    While we were shocked by the announcement that Lady Gaga was taking over as Polaroid's Creative Director, we're even more shocked to see what she's done there. The new line of Polaroid Grey Label Devices ($TBA) were developed under the Gaga's watch, and includes the GL Instant Mobile Printer, which uses embedded dye-crystal ZINK Zero Ink Technology to create great prints in an instant, the GL30 Instant Digital Camera, which combines the ZINK technology with all the benefits of a traditional digital camera in a retro Polaroid case, and the crazy GL20 Camera Glasses, which feature a built-in camera and an LCD screen to let others see what you saw. Or something.