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PKOH Silicone Travel Bottle

PKOH Silicone Travel Bottle

It's gotten pretty tough to try and get your favorite shampoo, conditioner, or product onto the plane with you — unless you've got the PKOH Silicone Travel Bottle ($20/2-pack). The lightbulb-shaped containers hold a TSA-friendly 2 fluid ounces, and are made from FDA food and medical grade silicone, with an integrated O-ring to prevent leaks. A widemouth neck makes for easy filling and cleaning,
whether you're carrying lotion or lube.

  • Heys xcaseNS Carry-on

    There's nothing worse than filling up a suitcase with 25+ lbs. of stuff, only to find that weight doubled by heavy luggage. The Heys xcaseNS Carry-on ($90) is "The World's Lightest Carry-on," weighing in at a laptop-like 5.3 lbs. for its 20" x 14" x 9" frame. It also features a nice non-shiny finish, which ages better than the alternative, a built-in divider, and a curved single tube handle system. [Thanks, Tim]

  • Travel Bar Set

    The holidays are always a festive time, but sometimes it's necessary to bring a little of the "festivity" with you. The Travel Bar Set ($120) comes with two martini glasses, a stainless shaker, jigger, tongs, strainer, a martini spray bottle, two cotton napkins, and a stainless combo fork/stirrer, all inside a convenient, portable cocktail case. These simple instructions sum it all up: Just add liquor.