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Polaroid Grey Label Devices

Polaroid Grey Label Devices

While we were shocked by the announcement that Lady Gaga was taking over as Polaroid's Creative Director, we're even more shocked to see what she's done there. The new line of Polaroid Grey Label Devices ($TBA) were developed under the Gaga's watch, and includes the GL Instant Mobile Printer, which uses embedded dye-crystal ZINK Zero Ink Technology to create great prints in an instant, the GL30 Instant Digital Camera, which combines the ZINK technology with all the benefits of a traditional digital camera in a retro Polaroid case, and the crazy GL20 Camera Glasses, which feature a built-in camera and an LCD screen to let others see what you saw. Or something.

  • Kodak Playfull Video Camera

    While most of us are more than happy to shoot vids with our smartphones, higher-quality standalone cams can still serve a purpose. In the case of the Kodak Playfull Video Camera ($150), that purpose is hassle-free video sharing. In addition to shooting 1080p video and five megapixel stills, the Playfull features a built-in USB arm and software to allow for automatic video uploading to Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Flickr, and the other usual suspects as soon as it's attached to a computer, along with four on-camera effects, digital image stabilization, HDMI output, face tracking technology, and an expandable SD/SDHC card slot to hold up to 32GB's worth of memories. That's a lot of uploading.

  • Samsung SH100 Camera

    Point-and-shoots have had Wi-Fi for a couple years now, so why has it taken this long to pair one with a smartphone? The Samsung SH100 Camera ($200) uses Wi-Fi to connect to Sammy's Galaxy S phones, allowing for remote camera control and picture viewing, as well as geotagging courtesy of the phone's GPS. Other features include a 14.2 megapixel sensor, DLNA compatibility, 720p video recording, a 5x optical zoom with digital image stabilization, and a three-inch touch screen for on-camera control.