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RED Modular Cameras

RED Modular Cameras

Need EXTREME resolution? Then check out the new line of RED Modular Cameras ($2,500 - $55,000; 2009-2010). Designed to let you choose a "brain" ranging from 3K to 28K in resolution and then add modules to create the ideal setup for you, these cameras take both video and stills, with modules for Canon and Nikon lens mounts, 1080p monitoring, inputs/ouputs, remote control, and more. In case you were wondering about that 28K thing above, that's 261 Megapixels in camera-speak, 28000 x 9334, or resolution so intense that it requires caps and italics to properly convey the severity.

  • Leica S2

    Bridging the gap between dSLRs and medium format cameras, the new Leica S2 ($TBA) packs a 30 x 45 mm, 37.5 megapixel sensor and compatibility with Leica's range of S-series lenses. Other features include a high-res 3-inch display, the exclusive MAESTRO image processor, a dual shutter system, a precise, quiet autofocus system, and more. It's an entirely new class of camera.

  • Canon PowerShot G10

    The Canon PowerShot G10 ($500) is a new benchmark is mid-line digital cameras.The camera uses Canon's new Digic 4 Image Processor that provides significant improvements to face and motion detection. It also features 14.7-megapixels and a 28mm wide-angle lens with 5x optical zoom.