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Red Scarlet

Red Scarlet

The monstrous Red One just got a little sister. The Red Scarlet ($TBA) is a more handleable hi-res camera, offering insane specs like a 3K resolution with Red's 2/3-inch Mysterium X sensor, 1-120fps (180fps burst) shooting, and up to 100MB/sec Redcode Raw HD and RBG recording to dual compact flash cards. The Scarlet sports a 4.8-inch LCD, 8x T2.8 Red zoom lens, full auto or manual modes, HDMI/Firewire 800/USB 2.0, and Wi-Fi control.

  • Panasonic Lumix DMC-FX500

    Get all touchy-feely with the new Panasonic Lumix DMC-FX500 ($400). The compact 10-megapixel cam features a dual-control system that combines a 3-inch touch-screen LCD and joystick control. The FX500 also features a 25mm ultra-wide-angle Leica DC lens, 5x optical zoom, advanced Intelligent Auto technologies, and the ability to record HD video (1280 x 720p) and snap 16:9 photos. The DMC-FX500 will be available in black or silver.

  • ATP PhotoFinder

    Ever find yourself wishing your digicam had a geotagging feature? The ATP PhotoFinder ($90) fills in the gap by adding the necessary tags to your photos. Simply turn the PhotoFinder on while you're shooting, then insert your memory card into the device when you're finished. It matches the time stamps on the pics with your location at the time, tagging each photo with your position so you can use tools like Google Earth to pinpoint exactly
    where you were when you saw that bum
    dressed like Superman.