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Rolleiflex MiniDigi AF 5.0

Rolleiflex MiniDigi AF 5.0

If you've tired of the endless stream of similar-looking, mediocre-performing pocketable digicams, check out the Rolleiflex MiniDigi AF 5.0 ($330). This digitized throwback is a precisely shrunken version of the classic Rolleiflex twin reflex camera in red or black, complete with hand crank, but with modern tech like an auto focus lens, a 3 megapixel CMOS sensor, and a pop-up 1.1-inch TFT viewfinder with hood. At only three inches tall, it too is pocketable, but rest assured, no one's going to mistake this for yet another digital Elph.

  • Flip Video Mino

    The already-compact Flip Video Ultra camcorder just got a new little brother. At about 40% smaller than the Ultra series, the Flip Video Mino ($180) weighs only 3.3 ounces, but packs in features like 2GB of storage (good for up to 60 minutes of VGA-quality video), a rechargeable lithium ion battery (which recharges with a built-in USB arm), touch-sensitive buttons, and a 1.5-inch anti-glare LCD display. You also get the easy to use PC/Mac software for quickly sharing your videos. The Mino comes in Apple-esque white or black.

  • Digital Camera Swim Mask

    Instead of worrying about losing your camera to Davy Jones' locker, try on the Digital Camera Swim Mask ($100). This mask sports a center-mounted 5 megapixel camera, an in-mask indicator to let you know if you're in photo or video mode, integrated crosshairs in the eyepieces for lining up shots, a microSD slot for expandable storage, and the ability to operate up to 15 feet down.