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Samsonite Black Label Garment Bag

Samsonite Black Label Garment Bag

A couple of us are heading to Vegas next week to gamble, drink and do other things surely to make the news when we run for office in 2009. While getting ready for the trip, we realized our luggage consisted of three lame pieces bought from Sears sometime when Full House was popular. We did a quick search and found Samsonite's Black Label collection. Our favorite is the Deluxe Garment Bag ($550), which will fit a couple suits, shirts,
casual gear, a pair of shoes and more. It
sports sleek black and red leather details
and a removable toiletry bag.

  • Lady Luck Bag Tag

    We’ve all been through the hell of trying to find your suitcase at baggage claim, lost amidst the sea of dark luggage. Now you can make your bag easy to identify and show some of your personality with this Lady Luck Bag Tag from Jet Set Go ($8). One of many different available designs, hopefully this one can bring you luck on that Vegas trip — in the form of finding your bag.

  • TranStrap

    For those of you lucky folks that live in a city with a reasonable mass transit system — and no, buses don’t count — you know how nasty those subway bars can get. With the TranStrap ($17) you can worry no more. Its makeup of heavy nylon webbing, aircraft grade aluminum, and high-friction neoprene will keep you secure, and the germs from the “less desirable” passengers far from your hands.
    [via Gizmodo]