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Sealife Reefmaster DC500 Underwater Digital Camera

Sealife Reefmaster DC500 Underwater Digital Camera

While we don’t have an easily accessible body of water that’s 200 ft. deep, those of you who do can take some great underwater pics with the Reefmaster DC500 Underwater Digital Camera ($500). It features a 5 Megapixel sensor, 3x optical zoom, and is waterproof down to — you guessed it — 200 ft.

  • Pentax Optio WP Waterproof Digital Camera

    If you're an outdoors type of guy and just know your new digital camera will end up in a mud puddle out in the woods, don't bother wasting your time with those splashproof models. The Pentax Optio WP ($260) has a 100% waterproof body that allows you to do 30 minutes of continuous underwater shooting. The 5-megapixel camera has a 3x optical zoom, 2-inch LCD display and a recovery feature for getting back those images you accidently erased off the memory stick. And don't forget, waterproof capability such as this also lets you to wash the dirt off without worrying about ruining the camera.

  • Canon Powershot SD550

    While still just a pocket camera, the Powershot SD550 from Canon ($440) boasts a lot of features taken from its larger counterparts. Take for instance the DIGIC II Processor it shares with the dSLR Rebel XT — it provides this pocket-sized 7.1 megapixel monster with some of the fastest, most reliable internal image processing in the business. Add to that versatile SD storage, a 3x optical zoom, and an easy-to-read 2.5 inch LCD screen, and you’ve got a camera that can stand up to models costing much more and that are way larger.