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Stanley Bolt Vacuum Bottle

Stanley Bolt Vacuum Bottle

Keep your favorite drink hot (or cold) and safely nearby on the job with the Stanley Bolt Vacuum Bottle ($25). As durable as it looks, the Bolt features double wall stainless steel vacuum insulation, a built-in stainless steel handle, an 8 oz. lid that doubles as a cup, and a unique octagonal shape that prevents it from rolling around should it get knocked over.

  • Titanium Round Flask

    Weighing at just three ounces, the Titanium Round Flask ($115) is ready to help you smuggle carry your favorite liquor into your next ball game, camping trip, or family function. Made from titanium, the flask holds twice its weight in liquid, and won't transfer a metallic taste to your beverage. Plus, it comes with its own carrying case and funnel, and looks so good you'll be tempted to carry it even when it's empty.

  • SportsStuff Nuclear Globe

    Walk on water without the help of supernatural abilities with the SportsStuff Nuclear Globe ($260). This six-foot ball allows you to move across the water as fast as you can go thanks to an outer surface featuring hundreds of inset cups to help you grip the surface of the water. Made from heavy-gauge PVC, the ball features two entrance/exit openings, support for up to 170 lbs., and an included rope and tie-down grommets.