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Stanley FatMax Xtreme Portable Truck Box

Stanley FatMax Xtreme Portable Truck Box

Sure, steel truck boxes are tough, but they're also awfully... stationary. With the Stanley FatMax Xtreme Portable Truck Box ($200), that's not a worry. Made from sturdy black resin, it features a docking station to quickly and securely attach the box to your vehicle, an integrated security system to keep unwanted parties out, a water-resistant seal around the 42-gallon main storage compartment, and heavy-duty wheels that make it super-easy to bring your tools with you, wherever you might need them.

  • Crovel

    We're used to multi-tools that fit in your pocket, so seeing the Crovel ($85) for the first time was a bit of a shock. Named for its mashup of a shovel and crowbar, the Crovel also serves as a saw, axe, hammer, bottle opener, and more, letting you pack lighter while preserving maximum utility. Just don't let it fall into the wrong hands — if an axe murderer is deadly with his namesake weapon, imagine the damage he could inflict with this thing.

  • Toro Lawn Striping System

    The start of baseball season got you wishing your lawn looked a little more like the well-manicured grounds at the ballpark? The Toro Lawn Striping System ($90) can get you there — assuming you have the good-looking grass to begin with. It attaches easily to most mowers — with or without bagging attachments — with a Phillips screwdriver, bending the grass down in the direction you're mowing as you move over it. All you need is 20 lbs. of dry sand — and we all have that lying around, right?