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Stanley Tripod Flashlight

Stanley Tripod Flashlight

This clever flashlight has foldable tripod legs and a multi-position head so you can use it as a stationary spotlight or as a normal handheld flashlight. The Stanley Tripod LED Flashlight ($35) has six bright-white LED bulbs, a low-power indicator light so you know when the batteries need to be replaced, and a four position switch to control the amount of light.

  • Stanley FatMax High Tension Hacksaw

    Chances are you didn't wake up this morning, roll out of bed and say to yourself, "man, I need to get a hacksaw today." Well, if you do ever get the urge to splurge on one of these manly tools, the Stanley FatMax High Tension Hacksaw is the one you want. It's the winner of a 2005 IDEA design award, offers the quickest and easiest blade changing of any hacksaw, and has an ergonomic design for a better grip.

  • Hitachi DS18DMR 18-Volt Cordless Driver Drill

    If this was 1996, we'd definitely have to use some Home Improvement/Tim "The Toolman" Taylor joke here because of this drill's awesome power and futuristic looks. Hitachi's DS18DMR Drill ($240) has a more comfortable grip, better center of gravity, and more torque — 550 inch-pounds of it — than any other drill in its class. It weighs only 5.89 pounds and is only 9.33 inches long, and comes with an adjustable belt hook with integrated LED job light, a 1/2 inch metal keyless chuck, and two NiMH 3.0Ah batteries, charger and case.