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Staub Blue Mussel Pot

Staub Blue Mussel Pot

Whether you steam or bake your mussels, you should consider doing it in the Staub Blue Mussel Pot ($110). This enameled cast iron pot features a stainless steel strainer to separate your mussels from the sauce, can be used as a serving dish, and will improve over time as cooking oils turn the enameled surface into a natural non-stick surface.

  • Squid Whisk

    If you're a seafood lover (or are a weird cephalopod fan) then perhaps this is the whisk for you. The calamari-inspired Squid Whisk ($20) was designed by Laurent Mouveau in France, and features a great colored handle with a unique curled wire design at the bottom as opposed to the normal "loop" design.

  • Sheer Kitchen

    The Sheer Kitchen ($TBA) is an fully-functioning kitchen enclosed in a Vader-esque sphere. The bottom half is made of carbon fiber and sports a double sink, four burners, three bottle coolers, a retractable table and trolleys. The upper half functions as a lamp when closed, giving off a soft, ambient light, and when open pulls double duty as both an aspirator and lamp. Paired with a wall unit designed to hold the appliances as well as provide cabinet space, storage, and extra seating, the Sheer Kitchen is a complete modern cooking solution. [via]