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Super Secret Spy Lens

Super Secret Spy Lens

As you probably already know, it's incredibly hard to get candid shots of those around you when they know the camera is being pointed in their direction — and people seem to have an innate ability to sense this. The Super Secret Spy Lens ($50) solves this problem by using a precision mirror and a cut-out in the side to let you point away from your subject, bringing down their defenses and improving the odds you'll get a terrific photograph. For great, candid holiday photos, it's the perfect addition to your camera bag. Also great for weekend P.I. and espionage work.

  • RED Modular Cameras

    Need EXTREME resolution? Then check out the new line of RED Modular Cameras ($2,500 - $55,000; 2009-2010). Designed to let you choose a "brain" ranging from 3K to 28K in resolution and then add modules to create the ideal setup for you, these cameras take both video and stills, with modules for Canon and Nikon lens mounts, 1080p monitoring, inputs/ouputs, remote control, and more. In case you were wondering about that 28K thing above, that's 261 Megapixels in camera-speak, 28000 x 9334, or resolution so intense that it requires caps and italics to properly convey the severity.

  • Flip Mino HD

    First there was the Flip Ultra, then the Flip Mino, and now the Flip Mino HD ($230). Going head-to-head with the HD-capable Kodak Zi6, the Mino HD is the world's smallest HD camcorder, recording up to 60 minutes of 720p widescreen HD video to its internal 4GB of storage. The Mino HD, which weighs just over 3 ounces, also features a 1.5 inch anti-glare LCD display, one-touch recording, and a rechargeable lithium ion battery.