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Supreme Canvas Shoe

Supreme Canvas Shoe

Add a simple touch of color to your summer wardrobe with the Supreme Canvas Shoe ($68). Available in five colorways, the Supreme features a canvas upper with matching laces and eyelets, leather lining and insole, and a gum rubber sole for improved traction.

  • Havaianas Flip Flops

    Forget your normal sandals — this summer, flip your burgers (or copies) wearing these flippy floppies. Made in Brazil since 1962, Havaianas Flip Flops ($18) are simple, rubber, monochrome flip flops that will keep your feet comfortable while leaving the attention to your attire.

  • Hunter Festival Boots

    Real life isn't always sunshine and rainbows — sometimes it rains. When it does, you'll need the right boots to weather the storm. The high quality Hunter Festival Boots ($135) were originally designed for treading across Scotland's rough terrain through inclement weather, and have become known for legendary durability and excellent comfort. Vulcanized rubber and quick-dry nylon lining mesh with a cushioned insole and a natural rubber outer-sole. Hunters are great for gardening, fishing, and any outdoor activities where you might meet moisture. Old-fashioned craftsmanship meets the finest materials to create boots for real life that feel good and last for years.