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Tom Cecil Flasks

Is your college-era flask getting a bit long in the tooth? Step up to one of these Tom Cecil Flasks (£300-£350; roughly $475-$550). Sporting handy, stand-on-their-own angular designs, they're available in a variety of high-end finishes, including brass, stainless steel, high-gloss white, and high-gloss black. For those times when your liquor deserves better than a brown paper bag.

  • Roll Up Travel Charger

    Pack lighter and smarter with this Roll Up Travel Charger ($35). Compatible with the iPhone, iPad, and iPod, and capable of charging up to four devices at once, this compact charger offers Apple 30-pin, Mini USB, Micro USB, and Samsung charging connectors, all of which sprout from a tube that rolls up into a slip-proof polyurethane mat and connects to power using a single wall wart, leaving the other outlet open for your razor, laptop, or travel-sized blacklight wand to check the room for unwanted "surprises".

  • Ray Solar Charger

    Stay powered up whether you're in the car or cafe with the Ray Solar Charger ($40). It sports a suction cup surround for sticking it to the inside of your windshield, and for when you're working from a non-moving seat, Ray has a built-in kickstand that tilts to grab the maximum amount of sunlight. [Scouted by Kyle]