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Toy Wheel & Tire Cufflinks

Toy Wheel & Tire Cufflinks

Roll into the office sporting a pair of these Toy Wheel & Tire Cufflinks ($25-$35). Available in four different mag styles, the cufflinks all feature silver-plated bases.

  • Remember Rings

    We can all be forgetful at times, especially when it comes to annual events like birthdays and anniversaries. Remember Rings ($760; Pre-order) take the pressure off by reminding you of your important dates. 24 hours before the big day, the HotSpot on the ring will heat up to 120 degrees for approximately 10 seconds, and will continue to do so every hour, on the hour, all day long (lest you forget again). [via]

  • Tech Web Belt

    Leather isn't the first thing that comes to mind when you're talking about performance. For those looking for something a little better around their waist, Patagonia's Tech Web Belt ($26) will take care of things whether you're kayaking under blue skies or drinking under neon signs. Made of super-strong and quick-drying nylon webbing, the lightweight belt sports an aluminum buckle that doubles as a bottle opener. The Tech Web belt comes in five colors and can be fitted with a pair of scissors and a Bic lighter. [via]